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The Company


I’m Joshua Bowe, and I established JANISTAR in March of 1998 with a commitment to providing customers with a reliable cleaning service.  Today JANISTAR remains a family owned business managed by my wife Misty and I.  I’m proud of the reputation the business has earned through the years, and I look forward to building upon it.


Our Cleaners


Our professional cleaners are by far our greatest asset.  The biggest challenge to building any succesful cleaning business is finding reliable cleaners in an industry where turnover is typically high.  


The most important thing I’ve learned in the 14 years I’ve been in the cleaning business is how find these professionals.  It hasn’t always been easy, but I’ve become an expert on how to find great cleaners who will stay with us and our customers.  Several of our best cleaners are husbands and wifes who work as a team.


I’m proud to say that the first cleaner I hired in the Twin Cities is still working for us.  I look for mature, hard workers who genuinely like cleaning and who have good references from other businesses.  By hiring reliable, quality cleaners, we can offer our customers reliable, quality service… it’s that simple.  




One way in which I insure the ongoing satisfaction of our customers, is by performing our standard 30-Point Inspection on a regular basis.  Another way is through proper training of our cleaners on proper cleaning techniques, and standard practices. 


Last of all, ongoing communication between our customers, our cleaners, and myself is key to providing outstanding service.  I ensure that all customer concerns and requests are acknowledged and communicated to our cleaners immediately, and that they receive prompt follow-up attention.