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JANISTAR's cleaners recieve understand proper cleaning procedures, chemical safety, building security, and professional courtesy.  Our professional cleaners are reliable and trustworthy, and most have been working for JANISTAR for several years.  In fact, the first cleaner we hired in Minnesota is still working for us today.  Reliable cleaners mean reliable service, and that means happy customers.




JANISTAR provides all necessary janitorial tasks, including restroom sanitation, garbage removal, dusting and floor cleaning, etc. 

For our complete list of standard office cleaning tasks, download and view our standard Office Cleaning Task List here:


This is a baseline with which we begin to construct a customized cleaning schedule for your facility. 


Keep in mind that anything you need done can easily be added, including Special Services such as carpet cleaning, floor refinishing, and window cleaning.


Quality is ensured using our 30-Point Inspection form, which can be downloaded and viewed here: